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Empathy and Experience For Lasting Results
Matthew J Bennett Psy. D., Psychology Services


Dr. Matthew J  Bennett

With over 20 years of experience as a clinical psychologist, I bring a
passion for my work, empathy, and excellence in clinical training
allowing me to provide effective, lasting results.
I use an integrative approach, employing cognitive behavioral,
psychodynamic, and interpersonal therapies to help adolescents and
adults gain insight and work through varied life concerns.
I see symptoms such as depression, anxiety, and relationship conflict as
opportunities for change and personal growth. With a research
background in psychotherapy treatment outcome, I place importance on
using therapy that works.

Dr Matthew J Bennett

Individual Therapy for Adults and Adolescents

Clinical Specialties
  • Anxiety, social anxiety, fears/phobias, panic, OCD & trauma

  • Depression, sadness, & moodiness

  • Anger management

  • Relationship issues

  • Addictive and self-defeating behavior patterns

   (e.g. , smoking, substance abuse, & eat ing issues)

  • Co-dependence / lack of assertiveness

  • Family / Parent-Adolescent conflict

  • Adolescent / Adult ADD, ADHD

  • Unsatisfactory performance

  • Chronic pain and disease processes

   (e.g. , high blood pressure / elevated cortisol )

  • Transitions, difficult life changes,grief and loss

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